China rubber hose supplier

Food and Drug Delivery: Rubber hoses can be used to transport food, beverages, and drugs. In China rubber hose supplier‘s understanding of these applications, it is necessary to use hoses made of rubber materials that meet food grade and medical grade requirements.

Vacuum system: Rubber hoses can be used in various vacuum systems, such as vacuum pumps, vacuum equipment, etc.

Hydraulic system: Rubber hoses can be used in hydraulic systems, such as excavators, cranes, construction machinery, etc. In these applications, high-pressure rubber hoses are typically used.

Cooling system: Rubber hose factory produces rubber hoses that can be used in various cooling systems, such as automobiles, air conditioning, cooling towers, etc.

Protective sleeve: Rubber hoses can be used as protective sleeves for cables, harnesses, etc. to prevent mechanical damage and chemical corrosion.

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