Popular Silicone Hose Components – Couplers And Reducers

Custom Silicone Couplers Are Flexible Connectors

Silicone couplers are flexible connectors designed to join hydraulic hoses and provide cushioning, protection, and ease of connection or disconnection. Rexroth offers standard silicone couplers in a range of sizes as well as custom silicone couplers engineered to specific customer requirements.

Custom couplers can incorporate special or proprietary sealing designs for applications with high or fluctuating pressures.

Customers can specify unique or non-standard dimensions, angles, fittings, or other geometries as needed to integrate into existing machine designs or space constraints. Rexroth can manufacture couplers to match virtually any required size, shape, thread, or flange profile.

oil resistant silicone hose
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Silicone Hose Reducers Connect Hoses

Silicone hose reducers are flexible transition pieces used to connect hoses of different diameters. They provide a fluid-tight seal while allowing the hoses to be positioned at any angle relative to each other. Rexroth offers a range of standard silicone hose reducers as well as custom reduced designed to meet specific customer needs.

Silicone is an durable, non-porous material that is resistant to damage from hose abrasion and fraying. Reducers can effectively join hoses of different diameters and properties without premature deterioration.

The flexible and elastic properties of silicone allow reducers to be twisted or pressed together at any angle. Hoses can be joined at angles other than straight, or offset from each other, enabling more compact installations or maneuverability.

What Is Oil Resistant Silicone Hose?

Oil resistant silicone hose is a specialized tubing designed for conveying hydraulic fluids and other petroleum-based liquids. It offers several benefits over standard silicone hose:

Silicone hose can eventually break down in contact with certain petroleum fluids, especially at high temperatures. Oil resistant hose contains reinforcing cords or other reinforcement that helps prevent the hose from collapsing or becoming distorted when in contact with hydraulic oils. It maintains its shape and continues to provide an effective seal.

Oil resistant hose can operate safely across a wider range of temperatures, from -40 to +200°C, compared to standard silicone hose. It is suitable for applications where hydraulic systems cycle between hot and cold temperatures frequently. Or experience both prolonged high and low temperature extremes.

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