KINGLIN Wholesale Automotive Silicone Hose

Fluid always wholesale silicone hose around the world because we are respected China silicone and rubber hoses manufacturer and supplier. Meanwhile, atomotive silicone hose is sustainly to be exported in bulk as high demand from foreign customers.

While more costly than basic rubber, automotive silicone hoses provide very durable leak-free connections between components like radiators, pumps, reservoirs:

  • Resists oil, coolant, battery acid, and typical automotive chemicals far better than lower cost rubber hoses.
  • Silicone rubber for automotive maintains strength and flexibility from -60°F to over 500°F.
  • Can be detached and reinstalled multiple times without damage compared to rubber hoses.
  • Clear automotive silicone hoses allow seeing inside to check for coolant flow or obstructions.
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