How should silicone hoses be installed?

Silicone hose is now used in a wide range of industries, not only in daily life, but also in other industries such as medical and industrial.

We also need to pay attention to some things when installing the silicone tube, the following we will say what matters should be noted when installing the silicone tube?

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1、No forced installation.

The installation needs to be balanced and symmetrical to place the silicone tube in just the right place to fasten the effective sealing surface (or lip line).

After the system is opened for use, further observation and tightening of the silicone tube aftercare is required to prevent the collapse caused by micro-leakage due to changes in working conditions (such as pressurization) during the working of the system.

2.Do not damage the sealing surface of the silicone tube surface or sealing line.

The sealing performance of flat seals relies on the upper and lower end faces.

The sealing performance of the flat seal relies on the lip line associated with the hole or shaft, and these parts are composed of both soft and resilient temperature, corrosion and aging resistant graphite, rubber and plastic, fiber, which are easily damaged special materials.

Therefore, it is necessary to give special protection and care in the process of handling, installation and storage, and once damaged, it often leaves great potential problems to the sealing parts.

Installation method

(1)Food-grade silicone tube

Food-grade silicone tube main features

  • non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, no yellowing.
  • soft, good elasticity, resistance to kinking without deformation.
  • No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance.
  • high tear strength and excellent electrical properties.
  • more suitable for making food machinery silicone tube.

Correct installation of food-grade silicone tube

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1.equipment food-grade silicone tube, do not let the food-grade silicone tube curved, otherwise it will damage the food-grade silicone tube force when it may be damaged.

2.When the food-grade silicone tube bending radius is too small, pay attention. A reasonable method is to choose a right-angle joint to avoid the food-grade silicone tube bending sharply to solve.

3.When the food-grade silicone tube is under pressure, the length of the food-grade silicone tube will change. If the food-grade silicone tube within the steel wire layer stroke is large, the length of the food-grade silicone tube under pressure will become shorter. On the contrary, the stroke is small, the length of food grade silicone tube will become longer.

The general product is a bit wrong, so it is inevitable that the length will become longer and shorter. If there is a bend in the back of the food grade silicone tube equipment, no fixing device should be added to the bend position of the food grade silicone tube to allow the food grade silicone tube to move freely. Once the fixing dies, it simply constitutes an increase in buckling wear and tear.

4.To avoid food-grade silicone tube damage and flow restrictions, food-grade silicone tube bending radius should be increased as much as possible.

5.When equipment food grade silicone tube, remember not to misinterpret the food grade silicone tube, otherwise it is easy to damage the food grade silicone tube or loosen the buckle joint under pressure.

6.Food-grade silicone tube between equipment and objects should leave a certain space to avoid food-grade silicone tube in the process of operation and object conflict. If it cannot be avoided, try to take protective measures such as food-grade silicone tube sheathing and spring protection.

Snap-on silicone tube

Silicone tube is very common, the production process is: rubber refining-extrusion-vulcanization shaping-rolling tray (or cutting and packaging) process.

In fact, the production process of snap-on silicone tube and ordinary silicone tube are the same, also need to go through those procedures, but in the original silicone tube made on the improvement, the mold is specially designed, the snap position is designed to be concave and convex groove;

Ordinary silicone tube is easy to understand is to wear on the product can play the role of insulation protection, then the opening of this snap-on silicone tube is how to install and use, and play what role and effect?

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  1. Prepare the materials and necessary tools, take a snap-on silicone tube, the specifications should be slightly larger than the outside diameter of the bare wire set of about 2-4mm, easy to card on when working at height, too small and too tight may not be tight, and will fall off over time.

But do not be too big, too big in the high altitude wind blowing and swaying may be friction vibration loose mouth and fall off;.

  1. First look at the surface of the bare wire to be wrapped there is no rust, clean up the surface stains to be used after the wipe paper with alcohol to wipe the bare wire rust.

If the installation work is done directly at height then only external cleaning is required, reducing installation time, difficulty and risk.

  1. wire clean-up with snap-on silicone tube directly on the bare wire, and then evenly coated with a special adhesive for insulation sheathing, and then gently snap the snap opening position, about seven or eight meters to tie a tie, so that all of its overhead lines are covered on so.


1, to protect the bare wire itself: long-term service in the outdoors may appear other foreign objects lateral lap caused by short-circuiting power outages;.

2, the protection of peripheral things: such as high-voltage lines through crowded areas, housing roofs, fishing over fish ponds to prevent electricity, through tunnels, pulling the barbed wire orchards, etc. must be retrofitted with snap-on insulation sleeve, reduce the voltage arc discharge distance, to a certain extent to achieve the role of safety.

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