Guide To The Many Uses Of EPDM Rubber Hose

EPDM rubber hose has become a popular choice for automotive, industrial and commercial applications requiring durability, flexibility and resistance to oils, chemicals and weathering. EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, a type of synthetic rubber that offers several advantages over other rubber compounds.

EPDM Rubber Hose
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Properties Of EPDM Rubber Hose

EPDM rubber hose has the following useful properties:

  • EPDM’s resistance to oils, fuels, alkalis and some acids makes it suitable for transferring and containing chemicals and fluids.
  • EPDM can operate in continuous temperatures ranging from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the compound formulation and reinforcements.
  • EPDM contains UV absorbers that help protect against degradation from UV exposure, making it appropriate for outdoor uses.
  • EPDM maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range, allowing the hose to easily bend and conform to shapes.
  • EPDM compounds are formulated for strength and durability, resisting abrasion, splitting and tearing.
  • EPDM’s resistance to weathering, ozone and humidity helps prevent cracking and damage from long-term external exposure.

Applications For EPDM Rubber Hose

Common uses of EPDM rubber hose and tubing include:

  • In the automotive industry, EPDM hose is used for radiator hoses, heater hoses, vacuum lines, air suspension lines, and oil and coolant hoses.
  • In agriculture, EPDM hose transfers water, fuels, oils and chemicals, helping distribute resources on farms.
  • EPDM hose is frequently used for marine applications like bilge pumps, coolant lines and fuel lines due to its durability in wet and salty conditions.
  • In industrial settings, EPDM hose is utilized to transfer hydrocarbons, lubricants and chemicals, aiding in manufacturing and material movement processes.
  • Within HVAC systems, EPDM hose acts as air conditioning and refrigerant lines due to its heat resistance and flexibility.
  • In commercial kitchens, EPDM hose carries heated water, oil, steam and grease between various appliances and fixtures.
  • Within mining operations, EPDM hose transports substances like diesel fuel, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and mineral slurries around the facility.

EPDM pool and spa hoses effectively circulate chemically treated water in aquatic environments, handling chemicals, heat and physical stress.

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