Tubo di gomma

Rubber hose and its craft

The rubber hose is a steel wire braided hose. The rubber hoses consist of an inner rubber layer, uno strato di treccia di filo di acciaio e uno strato esterno di gomma. It is suitable for conveying hydraulic fluid, come l'alcol, carburante, olio lubrificante, emulsione, eccetera. Meanwile, rubber hoses have a wide range of applications throughout many different industries, including construction sites and mines. For Industrial grade rubber-hose, whether the medium is water, gas, oil or chemicals, usually consists of inner rubber, outer rubber and intermediate layer. Specially, the intermediate layer includes braided components, which plays a role in strengthening the strength of the hose.

Kinglin, Experted rubber hose manufacturer

Kinglin , as one of the leading rubber hoses manufacturer, produces and supplies a variety of flexible rubber hoses. (Eg., Tubo carburante, Tubo del radiatore, Tubo in EPDM, Tubo di aspirazione dell'aria, eccetera). Also the flexible rubber tubes we made, can be reinforced by high tensile synthetic yarn braided or spiraled for increased durability and pressure resistance. Normally the temperature range is from -35℃ to 80℃. Inoltre, you can get the wholesale price from our factory based on the quality products.

Please browse the products below for more specific information. If you cannot find the right rubber hoses for your application or want to know about our rubber tube price, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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