Tubo di aspirazione dell'aria

The air inlet hose of the vehicle helps to provide the air required for normal operation of the engine. Sometimes, factory parts may crack and need to be replaced. Although factory parts are available, many car and truck enthusiasts have installed aftermarket rubber air intake hoses to customize their engine compartments. And also increase the power output of their engines. The intake hose also known as air pipe, air filter hose, rubber pipe. It is a component connecting the automobile air filter box and throttle valve.

What’s the materials of rubber air intake hoses

This hose is important! Because it can transport clean and filtered fresh air from outside the vehicle to the interior of the car engine. Nel frattempo, it can be mixed with fuel for combustion. Generalmente, materials of the air inlet hose is rubber or plastic. Particolarmente, its materials are super wear resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance. Instead of a smooth pipe, designation of hoses are as a wide point or empty chamber to smooth the air flow to absorb vibration. More importantly, all pipes and hoses in the air intake system shall be free of leakage and blockage, so as to ignite the air flow to the engine.

How come rubber air intake hoses fail

The factory plastic or rubber air inlet hose of your vehicle is vulnerable to heat, moisture and vibration. It may eventually crack due to aging. The intake hoses are easy to break during removal or installation, especially when they are tightly installed in the engine compartment.

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