Tubo in silicone gobba

The silicon rubber hose, made of silica gel, has been widely used in various industries. Particolarmente, its excellent elasticity replaces the common metal spring. Nel frattempo, it has many advantages, such as convenient to carry, beautiful, practical, low risk, eccetera. Kinglin, as a experted silicone hoses manufacturer, could provide and supply quality hump silicone hose with competitive price undoubtedly.

What is Hump silicone hose

Hereby, there is a good recommandation about Kinglin hump silicone hose. Generalmente, production of the silicone rubber hump hose would be through multi-layer reinforced and knitted high-quality polyester fabric. These hoses are provided with high temperature resistant silicone rubbers. Also designation of hump silicon tubes are indeedly for extreme temperatures and various pressure ranges, requiring high performance levels. Addtionally, the service life of silicone rubber parts is much longer than the parts made of typical organic materials.

Characteristics of silicone hump tube

Hump hose silicon material for slight adjustment during air intake would be excellent performance. These hoses can bend 20 degrees when slightly bent. it can also compensate for minor pipe misalignment. Its typical characteristics are as follows:
1. Resistenza alle alte temperature, electrochemical degradation resistance
2. Ultra-violet resistance and ozone resistance
3. Good electrical insulation
4. Insapore, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
5. Having air permeability and physical laziness
6. OEM/ODM, conducting 3D design and production according to your drawings

Application of silicone hump tube

1. Connect the intake pipe to the throttle body assembly, air metering assembly, intercooler, BOV pipe or turbine inlet/outlet
2. Customized compressor, intercooler or intake pipe for turbocharged vehicles
3. Customized cold air intake for non turbine vehicles
4. Replace all factory rubber parts unquestionably
5. Specially, these silicone parts can be used in trucks, recreational vehicles, boats or any other equipment with engines

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