Tubo in EPDM

We design and manufacture EPDM rubber tubing as part of our extensive natural rubber and synthetic rubber product portfolio. EPDM tubo di gomma has many unique properties, making it the best use in various industries and applications. Con più di 10 years of experience, we have developed the necessary expertise to always provide the best products for your needs.

Appication of EPDM hoses

EPDM hose has a variety of sizes and specifications to meet different needs. They are ideal for general-purpose applications that require flexible and durable hoses. Allo stesso tempo, EPDM hoses are suitable for air and water applications and can withstand a variety of agricultural chemicals. It also has heat resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance. It also has an RMA Class C pipe that can be connected to the oil mist lubrication line.

Advantages of EPDM hoses

EPDM pipes are resistant to ozone, heat and many chemicals. Widely uses are in automotive applications. This material is resistant to wear and corrosion. It is available in a variety of colors, including black, rosso, blue and yellow. It also has different lengths. EPDM hoses are available in standard and custom sizes. You can also choose from different temperature and working pressure levels. This versatile material is ideal for many applications, including septic tank systems or wastewater treatment. These hoses can be fitted with a variety of accessories, including brass, stainless steel and polypropylene.

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