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KINGLIN Rubber produces top-notch rubber seal strips by extrusion and tailor-made rubber sealing strips to serve the OEM, industrial distributor, and replacement part markets. Our sealing strips find usage in electronics, aerospaziale, healthcare, construction, transportation, and defense applications, as seals, filler strips, and bumpers. Our skilled personnel collaborate closely with every client to guarantee that your rubber seals match your application needs, component specifications, and quality standards, and are transported to you promptly and ready for installation.

Why Is Kinglin Seals Strip So Popular?

Silicone rubber seals strip are among the most common and critical commercial and industrial components used for sealing purposes. To make these custom rubber seals strip, we consider to use different types of silicone extruded rubber profile parts. Silicone extruded rubber gaskets and seals are popular for the simple reason:

  • Kinglin silicone rubber seal strip can withstand high temperature (450 )
  • Nel frattempo, it also adapts low temperature (-50 ) with excellent weather resistance
  • Flexibility and resilience are always its excellent performance
  • They also offer UV, high durability and ozone resistance
  • In aggiunta, seal strips provide excellent thermal and electrical insulation
  • It may always keep its shape, and deformation-free

Custom sizes and shapes of extruded rubber D-strips are manufactured by us. Furthermore, we possess a stock of commonly used sizes and shapes of sealing strips to ensure prompt delivery.

Capabilities for Manufacturing Sealing Strips

Our ability to manufacture extruded rubber seal strips and custom rubber sealing strips includes:

  • Single D, double D, and open side shapes
  • Form-cured lengths
  • Coil structure
  • Pieces by cut
  • Gaskets with endless ring and unique shape
  • From mini to large, all sizes
  • An ample stock of tooling is available in both common and unusual dimensions
  • In-house tooling for custom sizes and shapes

Striscia di tenuta

We provide a diverse selection of materials and colors to accommodate all types of sealing strips. Commercial and specification grades are available for these materials:

Advantages Of KINGLIN And Silicone Products

Kinglin is one of the leading manufacturers of custom sealing strip, producing Silicone Seal Strip, Striscia di tenuta in PU, Striscia di tenuta in PVC ,Striscia di tenuta composita EPDM, silicone rubber strips, silicone tubing, silicone rubber cord and custom extrusion profiles. We provide custom rubber extrusions for small to large volume orders based on your business needs.

  • We also extrude and distribute standard and custom sized silicone tubing, peroxide and platinum cured silicone tubing, round silicone wire, square silicone wire, silicone sleeves and rectangular silicone strips. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing facilities allow us to deliver large or small quantities of silicone extruded rubber parts in the shortest possible time.
  • We follow the most advanced technologies and formulations to deliver top-notch silicone extruded parts at the most cost effective prices. We make custom tools and molds according to your requirements. Due to the quality of parts and on-time delivery.
  • Our experienced staff follows a streamlined sealing strip manufacturing process to ensure your parts are made exactly to your specifications and delivered on time. For more information on custom extrusions, please Contattaci.