tubo di aspirazione in silicone

In realtà, the silicone hose has been widely used in various fitness equipment, automobile, household appliances, industrial appliances, lighting fixtures, Electronic instruments, eccetera. There is one kind of silicone products as vacuum silicone hose. Kinglin vacuum silicon tube is a widely used product. Because of its excellent strength and resistance, it is very suitable for use in automotive and industrial applications. As famous China produttore di tubi in silicone, we can supply this special product with inner diameter from 3mm to 25mm. Customers can also choose a length of 5 meters, 10 meters or 30 meters to ensure that you get the right tubing length. With the best silicone hose materials, full vacuum throughout a temperature range is around -65°F to 300°F.

Advantages of silicone vacuum hoses

It has many advantages, such as convenient to carry, beautiful, practical, low risk, eccetera. For this reason, it can stretch more than 6 times in normal use and is not easy to break. Inoltre, it will not be disconnected immediately even if there is a crack. As vacuum application, some of advantages list below:

1. Excellent chemical resistance
2. Highly durable
3. High strength and tear resistance
4. Leggero
5. Good weather resistance, UV resistance and ozone resistance
6. Wide temperature range
7. Highly flexible
8. Wide range of colors options

Application of silicone vacuum hose

Exactly for vacuum hose type, Its scope of application is also widespread to refer to mass industries.

1. Water circulation system
2. Vacuum pipeline
3. Cleaning pipe
4. Coolant overflow
5. Emission control
6. Wire insulation

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