Commercio all'ingrosso di tubi flessibili per radiatori in silicone per auto personalizzati

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Car Radiator Hose Product Information

Top radiator rubber hose manufacturer, specializing in the production of a variety of rubber tube products, tubo in silicone, tubo del radiatore, eccetera.,
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Carries coolant from the radiator to the thermostat

This hose brings coolant from the radiator back to the engine via the thermostat. This radiator hose in particular is a common replacement item due to the extreme cooling and heating cycles it goes through. We recommend inspecting this hose more regularly for bulging, dry rot, or other deformities that indicate an imminent failure.

car radiator hose Product Parameter

Nome car radiator hose
materiali EPDM
Processo produttivo use in Cooling systems in Automobiles, Trucks, motociclette, ATVs, Engines, Outdoor Power Equipment, Electrical Machines, eccetera.
Autenticazione ISO/IATF16969
misurare personalizzabile
OEM/ODM Accepted
colori nero
Imballaggio Sacchetti e cartoni in PE


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