Soft Silicone Hoses – KINGLIN Made

Soft silicone hoses excel where other materials cannot withstand heat, chemicals or flexible movement stresses. Their safety and longevity make them worth using where conditions warrant. Fluid silicone hose manufacturer supply in kinds of hoses with silicone materials. Meanwhile, soft silicone hose, and oval silicone hose are worth to recommand. So what the benefits of them?

  • Extremely flexible and resilient, allowing it to hold shapes but return to normal.
  • Highly inert material withstands most common chemicals.
  • Available in ratings from vacuum up to 300+ PSI depending on application needs.
  • Has a very wide temperature range from -80°F to 500°F. Resists extremes in heat or cold.
  • Heat and chemical resistance make it safer alternative to other rubber compounds.
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