Door Sealing Strip

  • Using German technic, the capability is better than all traditional seal strips.
  • The outstanding performance of sound insulation and reducing noise.
  • Excellent capability of keeping heat and saving energy.
  • No reaction with all lacquer or cleanser.
  • Perfect flexibility in cold conditions.
  • Anti-aging, anti-radiation, good flexibility, good elasticity

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Kinglin Door Sealing Strip

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • With strong resilience after extrusion, good for anti-collision.
  • Made of non-toxic material, equably foamed by PU, same smooth interior and exterior, great flexibility.
  • Windproof, Excellent aging resistance, easy to cut and easy to install, no requires specialist tool.
  • Be widely used in all kinds of sliding windows, sliding doors, security doors, closet doors, ensfh. To reduce damage to your doors and windows.
    Reduce the noise from outside and the sliding door. Giving you a quiet and comfortable living environment. All-season protection against, focht, drafts, stof, and insects, brings you a comfortable life.
  • Preventing dust collection, and can resist rain and cold wind, give you a clean and warmer environment.
  • Troch Ferfier, Weather Stripping Door Sealing Strip Will Have Creases. Mar dat sil gjin ynfloed hawwe op de dichtingsfunksje fan 'e V-foarmige seal nei de doar. And The Creases Will Automatically Rebound Over Time.

Door Sealing Strip Advantage:

IN. Good anti-ultraviolet, aging resistance, and hydrolysis resistance.

B. high compression rate and low compression deformation 10%.

C. effectively high-impact, reduce loss in transport.

D. arrest noise, stof, sand, wetter, and insects entering the room, and reduce noise by 35%.

E. the crack between the door and its frame has magnetism, and the actuation is hermetic.

F. Slow down the beginning of the fire effectively. Prolong the time of smoke going around and increase escapes opportunity in the fire. (Most can last 90 minutes.)

G. Good resistance to the degree misdemeanors, service life over20 years (practice opening or closing doors and windows 50000 times)

Door Sealing Strip

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Door Sealing Strip

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