Oplaad Air Cooler Hose

Advantages of inner-layer fabrics

Made about siliconen slang (as charge air cooler hose we produced) is through high quality high purity silicone. So its suface is shining, bright. Undertusken, neat cross secticonal clear, skjin, gjin oneffen en skuld. Normally Its inner layer is made of fabric reinforcement. As experted silicon tube manufacturer in China, there are two fabrics as available. One is knitting fabric, and another is woven fabric. Here is the advantages about these two materials below:

1. Knitting fabric provides a quality solution, for standard coolant and air management applications.
2. Woven fabric reinforcement guarantees high burst strength and superior service life. And it also provides long-life service in both low & high temperature environments.

Application of Air cooler hoses

Charge air cooler hose (also known as charge-air cooler hoses) is used to connect turbo, supercharger, or intercooler systems to a vehicle’s charge cooler inlet. At the same time to connect the charge cooler inlet to the vehicle’s engine manifold. in addtional, uses of these hoses are in performance vehicles, agriculture and off-road vehicles, turbo-diesel vehicles. Wis, also for induction and cooling systems on commercial trucks and buses.

These air cooler hoses are helical, which allows them to be connected between components that are slightly misaligned or may be subject to vibration and lateral movement. They are made of silicone and can withstand high temperatures, extreme conditions, ozone and ultraviolet light. Charge air cooler hoses as extreme durability are why they have been used across so many industries, including medical, lânbou, automotive, marine. Well, referred to aerospace domain, it is also important.

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