Heater siliconen slang

Silicone heater hose

Normally, silicone heater hoses are used for coolant delivery applications and high temperature applications. Certianly, as a warm reminder, do not use for fuel or oil delivery applications. Let’s list specification below:

Tube: red silica gel (color is available to choose)
Cover: blue silicone
Lingte: 50′ (carton)
Fersterking: polyester spiral

Temperatuer berik: – 65 ° F to 35 ° F (- 54 ° C to 177 °C)
SAE Specification: J20R3 HT Class A
Installation: use silicone hose clamp

Specification Heater silicone hose:

Produkt silicone air hose
Materiaal Silicone rubber + Fabric fersterking
Fersterking Polyester doek of Aramid doek
Temperatuer -60 °C ~ 260 °C
Kleuren trochsichtich, wyt, swart, read, giel, grien (kin ek ferplicht wurde om te produsearjen)
Druk 0.3Mpa~1.2Mpa
Foarm Rjochte slang
45/90/135/180 graad elbow slang
bult slang
reduksje slang
siliconen slang kits
L / Y / S / Z-foarm of elke oanpaste foarm
Binnendiameter 6mm ~ 135mm orAccording to customer’s requirement
OEM/ODM Beskikber
Anti-biosis and anti-corrosion property goed
thckness 2mm-6mm
Hurdens 35~80 kust A
Wy ek koenen produsearje spesjale foarm produkten neffens klant syn tekeningen of samples.

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