siliconen t pipe

Silicone hoses are designed to use water and glycol based coolants to connect metal piping and components in the system. All our t-shaped hoses (or called silicone t pipe) have a 25mm outlet, which is very suitable for creating outlets in the charge air pipeline. Wis, it is also preferable for intake system. Yn ekstra, connection of drain valve, vent pipe, drain pipe, ensfh, is the general usage of silicon T tube. As experted and trusted manfacturer of silicone pipes, Earst, we increase the number of layers and wall thickness of the tee hoses. This is because we hope that all our series can transport fluid and air under very high pressure. Dêrom, if you are building a racing car, add a turbo-charger or supercharger, our silicone hose is the best choice.

What is the service from Kinglin silicon hose manufacturer?

1 .Echt fabryk, brand silicone raw material, we devote to be your reliable supplier.
2 .Ervaren technikus te garandearjen slang kwaliteit.
3 .OEM &ODM service.
4 .Good aftersales service.5).lSO/TS 16946 sertifisearre
6 .It logo fan de klant is akseptabel.

Advantages of T-shaped silicone pipe

1. Bear high pressure (Explosive Pressure 5.5~9.7MPa)
2. Bear high temperature(-50 ~260°C)
3. Corrosion resistance
4. Ageing resistance
5. Long operating life than EPDM(Mear as 1 year at least)

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