1 inch Elbow Silicone Hose


Elbow silicone hose


Silicone rubber + Fabric fersterking


-60 °C ~ 260 °C



90 Degree Elbow Coupler, Made of High Temp Reinforced Pure Silicone
4-ply polyester reinforcement construction
Great for marine and industrial use, custom intercooler piping fabrication, intake or radiator cooling system UV and ozone resistant(Nim asjeblyft kontakt mei my op


produkt Omskriuwing

wholesale Elbow Silicone Hose Manufacturers

Want a product that can withstand just about any industrial stress that you can throw at it? En wy koene jo samples en tekening meitsje.

Elbow Silicone Hose is insulating and non-conductive
silicone hose resists damage from chemical corrosion.
This product has Excellent ozone and UV resistance. (Contact me for quotations and free samples

Our silicone hose products are not suitable for use with pressurized oil or fuel. We do, however, offer special Fluorocarbon and Fluorosilicone liners that offer superior chemical resistance. Please contact our engineers for more product details to meet all your needs

High-Temperature 4-Ply Reinforced 90 Degree Elbow Coupler Silicone Hose, knitted premium polyester fabric with high-temperature silicone rubber, which meets or exceeds SAEJ20 Standard and is engineered for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges where high performance levels are required. The Silicone Hose is commonly used for joining two hard pipes while reducing the possibility of connections coming apart or having your hard pipes or another equipment break.


Elbow Silicone Hose Applications

The silicone hoses are used by professionals in industries such as high-performance racing vehicles, commercial trucks and buses, Marine, agricultural and off-highway vehicles, food and beverage, and general manufacturing industries.

siliconen rubberen slang oanpaste siliconen slangen

Silicone Product Specification

Produkt Auto siliconenkoppler
Materiaal Silicone rubber + Fabric fersterking
Fersterking Polyester doek of Aramid doek
Temperatuer -60 °C ~ 260 °C
Kleuren trochsichtich, wyt, swart, read, giel, grien (kin ek ferplicht wurde om te produsearjen)
Druk 0.3Mpa~1.2Mpa
Foarm Rjochte slang
45/90/135/180-graad elbow slang
bult slang
reduksje slang
siliconen slang kits
L / Y / S / Z-foarm of elke oanpaste foarm
Binnendiameter 6mm ~ 135mm of neffens de klant syn eask
OEM/ODM Beskikber
Antibiose en anty-corrosie eigendom goed
Hurdens 35~80 kust A


mm Inch mm inch mm
1 45-6.5/63P3 6.5 1/4 63X63 2 1/2 4 3 0.8Mpa (116Psi)
2 45-8/63P3 8 1/3 63X63 2 1/2 4 3 0.75Mpa (108Psi)
3 45-9.5/63P3 9.5 3/8 63X63 2 1/2 4 3 0.75Mpa (108Psi)
4 45-11/63P3 11 3/7 63X63 2 1/2 4 3 0.7Mpa (101Psi)
5 45-13/102P3 13 1/2 102X102 4 4 3 0.7Mpa (101Psi)
6 45-16/102P3 16 5/8 102X102 4 4 3 0.7Mpa (101Psi)
7 45-19/102P3 19 3/4 102X102 4 4 3 0.7Mpa (101Psi)
8 45-22/102P3 22 6/7 102X102 4 4 3 0.7Mpa (101Psi)
9 45-25/102P3 25 1 102X102 4 4 3 0.7Mpa (101Psi)
10 45-28/102P3 28 1 1/9 102X102 4 4 3 0.75Mpa (108Psi)
11 45-30/102P3 30 1 1/6 102X102 4 4 3 0.75Mpa (108Psi)
12 45-32/102P3 32 1 1/4 102X102 4 4 3 0.6Mpa (87Psi)
13 45-35/102P3 35 1 3/8 102X102 4 4 3 0.6Mpa (87Psi)
14 45-38/102P3 38 1 1/2 102X102 4 4 3 0.6Mpa (87Psi)
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Why Choose Silicone Hose?

1.21 jierren fan produksje ûnderfining, stable delivery
2. Professional product design and development team to meet the individual needs of customers
3. Stypje OEM / ODM
4. Strikte seleksje fan heechweardige grûnstoffen, en produkt kwaliteitsfersekering. Realisearje tooling foar 3D-printsjen ynspeksje
5. It produkt hat IATF16949 trochjûn, ISO 14001:2015 kwaliteit ynspeksje, en sertifisearring
6. Produkten wurde eksportearre nei mear as 70 lannen en regio's om 'e wrâld


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