Пластиковая кромка из ПВХ




-40°C to +70°C


sautomotive, electrical cabinet, packing etc

1. High fexible and plasticity. anti -aging, outstanding ozone perfomance, chemistry resistant, wearing. resistant

2. Using range of temperature (minus 40 degree to 70 степень)

3. with seel, wire or aluminum insert and gnpping tongue to achieve much more stronger grpping performance

4. It is easy and fast to install

5. Gooa loing (ecoralve). godo sealing capacrly and efectvce edge polecon

Описание продукта

keep your vehicle away from impact and scratches. Our product can survive in the harshest of weather and applications, corrosion resistance, звукоизоляция, и снижение шума.

Flexible PVC Trim with internal aluminum metal clips and gripping tongue – providing strong grip and excellent grip retention.
Easy to install push-on edge trim designed to cover sharp, not need to adhesive.

The metal edge between the door and the car, more on the outer edge of the door.2.Can also be installed in the sunroof of the car, heavy border equipment, ship’s doors, окна, and sharp metal edges.

pvc plastic edge trim Product Specifications:

Материал ПВХ
Applications автомобильный, electrical cabinet, packing etc
Температура -40°C to +70°C
Цвет черный, красный, синий, серый, зеленый, yellow etc, give us pantone No. will be ok
Размер There are many models for you to choose, accept ODM and can also customize with drawings and samples


pvc plastic edge trim Applications

Applications on marine, автомобиль, machinery, and equipment cases – including uses on boats, фургоны, вилочные погрузчики, golf carts, helmets, playground equipment, и более!

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