D-образная самоклеящаяся резиновая уплотнительная лента

наименование товара

Auto Door Window Weatherstrip


Черный, белый, синий, и т. д.,or as your requiment


ИСО 9001:2015; ИСО/ТС 16949:2009

1. Устойчивость к высоким температурам

2. Озон и водонепроницаемость

3. Отличная погода, старение, и химическая стойкость

4. Low friction, excellent sealing property, noise absorption

5. The obvious function is shockproof to reduce door slam

Описание продукта

D-образная самоклеящаяся резиновая уплотнительная лента, no adhesion promoter is required direct installation.
Be made of EPDM rubber. Weather-resistant rubber D-seals provide excellent resistance to water absorption, озон, старение под воздействием солнечного света, low temperature, and compression set. This Rubber Seal Weather Strip is less smell and no harm to the human body
, native, нетоксичный, harmless, ozone resistant, no special harmful odors, has good elasticity and strong tensile strength, and is high-temperature and cold resistant.
Apply to seal the front and back covers, машина
двери, pillars, and trunk of various vehicle series.

self-adhesive rubber seal strip Product Specifications

наименование товара Auto Door Window Weatherstrip
Main Material Silicon,Nitrile,Neoprene rubber,ПВХ,TPE,TPV
Inner material Bendable steel sheet
Surface material flocking
Цвет Черный, белый, синий, и т. д.,or as your requiment
Температура -40~+170°C
твердость 20~80 берег А
Tensile elongation ≥250%
Предел прочности ≥5.0 Mpa
Produce Craft Best Vulcanization and Microwave curing
Produce Technique Extrusion or molded
Usage Door , Окно ,Seat for Car,Автобус,Truck
Functions 1: Reduce noise, пыль, вода, frost, shock
2: Keep warm
3: save energy
Качество ИСО 9001:2015; ИСО/ТС 16949:2009
Образец For free
Service As customersdrawings or sample, We design the mould and produce it
Others 1sunproof seal strip
2front windshield weatherstrip
3hood sealing
4within the water cut external water cut the sealing tape
5chute door lift glass sealing
6 door decoration strip
7 around the door sealing strip
8 triangle window sealing
9 luggage cover sealing strip
10 rear windshield sealing strip


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