Лента автомобильная резиновая уплотнительная

Give You a Quiet and Comfortable Living Environment
& Protect the window and door, reduce abrasion and noise on window/door while open and close.
& Reduce the noise from outside and the sliding door slamming, against odor, noise, ветер, and snow, giving you a quiet and comfortable living environment.

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Описание продукта

Top Automobile rubber sealing strip manufacturer

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Kinglin предлагает варианты индивидуальной настройки, чтобы их силиконовые шланги соответствовали потребностям клиентов.’ точные характеристики. И они стремятся предоставлять исключительный сервис от начала до конца.. Выбор силиконовых шлангов Kinglin в качестве поставщика решений для силиконовых шлангов — это разумный выбор для тех, кто ищет высококачественные, надежный, и эффективные решения для силиконовых шлангов.

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Лента автомобильная резиновая уплотнительная

Manufacture Environment

Product Presentation

  • 【Material】Be made of EPDM rubber. This Rubber Seal Weather Strip is less smell and no harm to the human body.
  • 【Function】Soundproof, пыленепроницаемый, водонепроницаемый, windproof, also improves air conditioner using effect. It also can applicate on door frames, and windows to reduce erosion-collision.
  • 【Easy Installation】Cleaning the surface, Measuring the length, Tearing off the film, and Sticking it in place(hard press for a while to ensure it can be installed firmly, and don’t touch it within 72 часы).
  • 【Water Resistance】Automobile rubber sealing strip can prevent water from entering the car and causing damage.
  • 【Dust Resistance】This type of hose also can prevent dust and other harmful particles from entering the car.
  • 【Noise Reduction】This device also can provide insulation and noise reduction, ensuring a comfortable and quiet ride.
наименование товара Rubber Seal Strip
Материал solid EPDM rubber, sponge EPDM rubber, Metal
Цвет Черный, any other color is available
Предел прочности 10МПА
Температура -40°С – 170°С
Размер и дизайн По 2D или 3D чертежу.
Приложение Автомобиль, промышленное электрооборудование, дверь, и окно
Сертификат МАТФ 16949:2016
Метод производства Экструзия
Особенность Устойчивость к атмосферным воздействиям, термостойкость, Водонепроницаемый, химическая устойчивость, электрическая изоляция, elasticity, long life
Packing details Each root is put in firm plastic, I.D.3-5cm bag.
50-150 meters/Roll in standard exported packing
Or according to customers’ requirements.



  • The automobile rubber sealing strip is 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Enhance the car’s tightness and make the door more compact.
  • Reducing road noise and wind noise in the car improves driving comfort.
  • Avoiding dust and rain in the car from entering the car.
  • You can apply the seal before the back cover, with good waterproof, пыленепроницаемый, и звукоизоляция.
  • Insect prevented, windproof, light break, anti-slam, звук, изоляция, smoke-proof, водонепроницаемый.
  • Good flexibility and elasticity, non-absorb moisture. Smooth surface and is very easy to clean.

Automobile rubber sealing strip Application

  1. Двери: This device is popular in car doors to prevent water, пыль, and noise from entering the car. It also locates typically around the door frame and provides a tight seal when the door closes.
  2. Окна: This type of sealing strip also can applicate in car windows to provide insulation and noise reduction. It is typically located around the window frame and ensures a tight seal when the window is closed.
  3. Trunks: It is used in car trunks to prevent water and dust from entering the trunk. It is typically located around the trunk opening and provides a tight seal when the trunk is closed.
  4. Hoods: An automobile rubber sealing strip is used in car hoods to prevent water and dust from entering the engine compartment. It is typically located around the hood opening and provides a tight seal when the hood is closed.
  5. Sunroofs: The rubber sealing strip is used in car sunroofs to prevent water and noise from entering the car. It is typically located around the sunroof opening and provides a tight seal when the sunroof is closed.
Лента автомобильная резиновая уплотнительная


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