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China door rubber seal strip

Our Car Door Rubber Seal Strip is durable EPDM foam rubber, it has internal aluminum metal clips, a gripping tongue, and a strong grip with excellent retention. And effectively play a role in Noise Reduction, Waterproof, Dustproof & Soundproof & Windproof.

Car door rubber seal strip with side bulb provides great protection. Against heat, extreme weather damage, creimeadh, friotaíocht ardteochta, and cold resistance.
This trim door rubber seal large bulb for a variety of applications including a car door, RV compartment, boat hatch, door seals, storage container, toolbox, and decorative trim.

This weatherstripping enhances the leakproofness of your car, which make the door close more tightly. Reduce the noise of wind when you drive your car at high speed.

door rubber seal strip Product Specification

Ainm door rubber seal strip
Ábhar EPDM solid rubber + sponge rubber
Insert metal carrier (steel or wire carrier)
Teocht -40~+120°C
Function Waterproof, sealing, sound insulation, dust-proof, antifreeze
Iarratas cars, doors, fuinneoga, cabinets building industry, srl.
Cruas 50-75Shore A or as your request
OEM/ODM service As per the buyer’s drawing or sample
Certificate ISO9001,TS16949

door rubber seal strip Product Features

1. Good aging resistance: The aging resistance of EPDM can be resisted over 10 blianta.
2. Good comprehensive physical-mechanical resistance.
3. Good corrosion resistance.
4. Good flexibility: Meet the ISO standard.
5. Good elasticity.
6. Convenient installation

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