Hose Silicone Truck

About Kinglin Silicone Hose

We produce a wide range of silicone rubber products, including silicone hoses and rubber hoses for the automotive industry. Idir an dá linn, there are also some injection molded rubber parts, which are used in auto parts, electronic and electrical businesses and household appliances. Especially as experted manufacturer and supplier of silicone tubes, We provide quality píobán silicone products with lower cost. Kinglin provides customized solutions for specific applications. Le níos mó ná 10 blianta de thaithí, experted team and advanced facilities, we may supply quality silicone hose with competitive price.

Silicone hose for truck

Accordingly, production of silicone hose will be through multiply reinforced and knitted premium polyester fabric with high temperature silicone rubber. In addtional, engineered this kind of silicone hose exactly is for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges. For truck silicone hoses, there is another name as intercooler hose. By the name you will know the hose is for uses of truck cooling system. Refer to inlet hose function, sending the high-temperature air compressed in the turbocharger to the intercooler is its main mission. With the improvement of the requirements for the heat resistance of the turbocharger system, the material of the intercooler inlet pipe also needs improvement.

Application of truck silicone hose

As mention-above, we call truck silicone hoses as Intercooler hose. Uses of this hose is for automobiles, heavy trucks, chain blocks, forklifts, bulldozers, construction machinery transport vehicles, srl.

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