30 degree silicone elbow

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Ábhar sileacain
Dath Clear/Black/Red…
Product Dimensions 39.36″L x 1.25″W

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30 degree silicone elbow-Polyester Reinforced

30 degree elbow silicone hose, reinforced by knitted polyester fabric of 3 to 4 plies. It is popular for Automotive and marine; industries for coolant systems and air intake systems; HVAC systems for air ducts and ventilation;

Food and beverage industries for conveying fluids and ingredients; Pharmaceutical and medical industries for sanitary applications. Its high-temperature resistance, high flexibility, and other characteristics make it have very important applications in many industries.

30 degree silicone elbow

Technical Specification

  • Working temperature: -50 °C go +170 °C.
  • Neartú: Polyester fabric.
  • Reinforced plies: 3 to 4 plies.
  • Dathanna: dubh, dearg, gorm.

When incorporating the silicone elbows, consider the followings:

  • Size and compatibility with existing piping systems.
  • Temperature and pressure requirements of the application.
  • Environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals or UV radiation.
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Sonraíocht Táirge:

Táirge píobán silicone elbow
Ábhar Rubar silicone + Atreisiú fabraice
Neartú Éadach poileistir nó éadach Aramid
Teocht -60 ° C ~ 260 °C
Dathanna trédhearcach, bán, dubh, dearg, buí, glas (is féidir a bheith ag teastáil freisin a tháirgeadh)
Brú 0.3Mpa~1.2 Mpa
Cruth píobán díreach
45/90/135/180-píobán elbow céime
píobán cromáin
píobán laghdaitheora
feisteáin píobáin silicone
Cruth L/Y/S/Z nó cruth saincheaptha ar bith
Trastomhas Istigh 6mm ~ 152mm or according to the customer’s requirement
OEM/ODM Ar fáil
Antibiosis and anti-corrosion property maith
Cruas 35~80 cladach A

Key Features and Benefits of 30-Degree Silicone Elbows

  1. Smooth Flow Characteristics:
    30-degree silicone elbows feature smooth internal surfaces, minimizing pressure drop and turbulence within the piping system. This smooth flow characteristic helps optimize fluid flow, reduce energy consumption, and enhance overall system efficiency.
  2. Leak-Free Performance:
    Silicone elbows are known for their excellent sealing properties. The flexible yet resilient nature of silicone ensures a secure and leak-free connection. This reliability is crucial in applications where maintaining a tight seal is essential to prevent leaks and system inefficiencies.

30 degree silicone elbow

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