10mm silicone tubing

Branda Ríghlinn
Ábhar Rubar silicone
Dath 10mm x 13mm (3/8″ID x 1/2OD)
Tiús Balla Ainmniúil 1.5 mí
Outside Diameter 0.5 Inches
Product Dimensions 120″L x 0.5W

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10mm silicone tubing-Your Solution for Diverse Applications

Silicone tubing is a fundamental component that finds its application in a multitude of industries. The 10mm silicone tubing, in particular, offers a balance between flexibility, marthanacht, and size, making it a sought-after choice for various purposes.

Tá an 10mm silicone tubing strikes a balance between sufficient flow capacity and space efficiency. Its flexible yet resilient nature ensures easy maneuverability while maintaining structural integrity even in challenging environments. Versatile 10mm Silicone Tubing: Your Solution for Diverse Applications!

10mm silicone tubing

Features of 10mm silicone tubing

  • Optimal Diameter for Flow and Space
  • Temperature Resilience and Stability
  • Flexibility and Durability
  • Biocompatibility and Medical Applications
  • Chemical and Engineering Versatility

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  • Food grade, bog, solúbtha, and durable silicone tubing.
  • Silicone Tubing`s Size. The inside diameter(ID): 10mm(3/8 orlach), the outside diameter(OD): 13mm(1/2 orlach). The thickness of the tube is 1.5mm. Fad: 10 ft.
  • High Temperature Silicone Tubing. Teocht: -20-200℃. It can work under mashing, boiling temps, boiling wort, hot water, srl. UV resistant, gases and moisture resistant.
  • This food-grade silicone tubing will come with 2pcs stainless screw clamps & a silicone tubing, which resists corrosion. Not suitable for siphon
  • This silicone tubing is widely used for homebrew and beer lines, kegerators, winemaking, milk and food handling and processing, pumps, srl.

10mm silicone tubing


mm orlach mm
1 SH8 8 5/16 3.5-4.5 1-2
2 SH10 10 3/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
3 SH12 12 1/2 3.5-4.5 1-2
4 SH14 14 9/16 3.5-4.5 1-2
5 SH16 16 5/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
6 SH19 19 3/4 3.5-4.5 1-2
7 SH22 22 7/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
8 SH25 25 1 3.5-4.5 1-2
9 SH28 28 1 1/8 3.5-4.5 1-2
10 SH32 32 1 1/4 3.5-4.5 1-2


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