Preguntas frecuentes sobre mangueras de silicona

Do I need to confirm the bend length with the customer?
A: For the length of the bend, you need to confirm with the customer is the total length or leg length.

What are the two production processes for extruded pipes?
A: Vapor phase method, precipitation method.

What is the shelf life?
A:Under normal circumstances, the shelf life is one year.

What are the production methods of silica gel?
A: Silica gel by precipitation method, silica gel by vapor phase method.

What is our current quality certification system?
A: IATF16949.

What is the composition of silicone tube?
A: Inner layer of rubber, cloth layer, outer layer of rubber.

Do you support customized products?
A: Support, puede ser personalizado 1 logo, can be customized according to customer samples customer drawings.

Do I need to confirm the size of 1ogo on the tube with the customer?
Answer:We need to confirm in order to avoid the error of customer request to redo.

Customers require good quality products that can withstand high pressure.
A: We can recommend customers to buy the tube with flat fabric layer.

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