Manguera de radiador

What is Radiator Hose?

The radiator hose is the channel for cooling water circulation, which includes a water inlet hose and a water outlet hose. En adicional, it’s a large diameter manguera de goma, which conveys engine coolant between the engine and radiator, and then returns to the water pump. As part of routine maintenance, check the radiator hoses to ensure their integrity. Signs of damage or deterioration require preventive maintenance, which is easier and less destructive than alternatives.

What if the hose breaks?

Due to the high temperature of cooling water, the long used radiator hoses are prone to crack and damage. And the vibration of the engine is another reason to effect radiator hoses.

Check the radiator hoses frequently is a good habit. So that this way may avoid the leakage of cooling water caused by cracks and damages on the radiator hose. In case of crack or damage at the end of radiator hose, the end can be cut off directly. And then the hose can be plugged back. En adicional, the radiator cap must be unscrewed to avoid excessive pressure of the cooling system. If the crack is small, the crack can be directly coated with soap.

If the middle part of the hose is cracked or damaged, part of the cooling water must be drained firstly. After all the water on the radiator hose is dry, uses of tape or plastic paper wraps the damaged part to temporarily solve the problem. If the crack on the radiator hoses are too large, it is likely that water will still leak after binding. En este momento, You must open the water tank cover to reduce the pressure in the water channel and reduce the leakage of cooling water.

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