PU 씰 스트립

폴리우레탄 (PU) is a kind of plastic, or more specifically an elastomer polymer, including rubber. Since its first invention was in 1937, Polyurethane rubber has been used to produce a wide range of products. This PU material has extraordinary versatility, 내구성, 유연성, adaptability and elasticity. in additional, Polyurethane is synthesized from polyisocyanate and polyol. Its mechanical properties make it have the strength of hard plastic and the elasticity of rubber. Kinglin as trusted China manufacturer of customized pu seal strip, supplying sealing solutions to oversea market.

Advantages of pu seal strip

Due to its unit structure, PU seal strips provide acoustic and thermal conductivity solutions. 추가적으로, it can also provides various professional level conductive, electrostatic dissipation and flame retardant solutions. Outstanding performances would list below:
1. Extremely light
2. Good sealing performance (공기, dust and water migration)
3. Good UV and ozone resistance
4. Good thermal insulation

Application of polyurethane and its strip

Polyurethane strips (PU 씰 스트립) are a multipurpose material for shock absorption and cushioning. It is a common choice for packaging and insulation applications. 게다가, PU seal strips are stronger than comparable rubber materials and are typically used in high tension and high wear applications. It has excellent tensile strength, tear resistance and shock absorption performance.