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silicone heater hose

Short Description:

Engineered with superior flexibility and durability, Standard & Premium heater hose are resistant to coolant additives, as well as hardening, cracking, cold leaks, and aging.

Features and Benefits of Silicone Heater Hose:

Resistant to a wide range of temperatures

Resistant to hardening, cracking, ozone attack, sunlight

Resistant to moisture, steam, dust, aging, various pressure ranges

Resistant to many chemicals

Retains flexibility in hostile engine environments

Excellent electrical insulating properties

Longer life than EPDM (Black Rubber)

Tube: Red silicone for superior heat resistance to 500°F

Reinforcement: Multiple textile plies for strength and kink resistance.

Cover: Blue silicone for superior temperature resistance and easy identification.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Global Hose & Industrial Sales distributes silicone heater hose for the following industries, however, custom designs and fabrication per your specifications and application requirements are available upon request. We work with the most demanding industries such as Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Biotechnological among others.

Silicone Heater Hose Industries & Applications:



Hot Water

Municipalities Renewable Energy (Wind Turbines) Off-road equipment
Repair & Service Chains Marine & Ship Engines Trucks
Transportation Fleets Heavy & Construction Equipment Heavy-duty truck and bus engines
Transit Authorities Industrial Equipment Vehicles with diesel engine
Bus Services Engine Cooling Systems For use in high vibration, hot and cold air aspiration units
Freight Trucking Coolant transfer in heater and coolant circuits Generators
Motor Sports DEF systems Agricultural equipment
Railway Operating Vehicle Manufacturing Power Generation (Generators)
Construction equipment


Stocking Size Options (ID & Lengths)

ID Fractional
Boxed Coils
1/4” 25′ 200’
5/16” 50′ 250’
3/8” 300’
1/2” 400’
5/8” 500’
3/4” 600’
7/8” 800’

Temperature, Chemical Resistance and Pressure

Operational Range & Maximums

Temperatures from -65°F (-54°C) To +350°F (+177°C).

Working Pressure Is 1/3 of the Burst Pressure

Compatible/Suggested Materials

Resistant to coolant additives, Hostile Engine Environments, Resists Hardening, Cracking, Cold Leaks, Aging, and Many Chemicals

Silicone Heater Hose Accessories:

Below are accessories we offer alongside our silicone heater hose. No matter what your needs are, we can supply you with every item you require at a competitive price.

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