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Manufacture truck parts flexible silicone hose

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Our high-temp silicone heater and coolant hoses as well as turbocharger silicone hose for both hot and cold side. We carry sizes from 3/16″ to 10″ with recommended temperatures ranging from -65F to +500F degrees.

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Silicone hoses are specically designed for use in coolant systems on trucks,buses, passenger cars, generators, railway engines and many other vehicle and industrial applications where connections are required between rigid or flexible metal pipes. They are ideal for joining pipes of similar or differing diameters -reducers. We are able to supply anything from a one-off prototype through to series production batches.

We have expertise in supplying for the following sectors:All parts are designed and engineered to meet the latest standards and specifications.

Using premium-quality silicone materials, polyester and meta-aramid fabrics, silicone hoses are manufactured and tested to the strictest

industry standards.

Specialised hoses can be designed upon request to withstand temperatures of +200°C.

Silicone is resistant to hardening, cracking, ozone attack, sunlight, moisture, steam, dust, aging, various pressure ranges and to many chemicals too. Additional advantages of Silicone are it is easier to install and run than ridged pipe, is not subject to corrosion, stress, or cracking, and it absorbs engine movement and vibration.

We carry a wide range of hose for European trucks, American trucks , Japanese trucks , construction machines like Volvo, Scania ,Man ,Benz ,DAF,Ford,Renault, Kamaz, Maz,Gaz,Hino,International, Mack,Freightliner and so on.

Silicone intercooler hose , silicone air charger hose , CAC hose and so on for Iveco  are as followed :

41026109 41026110  42126109  2021890 42088621 42088621 8134800 8134300 99446639 500300518 42542872 42543319 98425459 500300744 0058289 98447313 98421373 4820463 4780550 4792047 4788289   4724415 98438608 98463952 93167510 98480479 93165331 4787501 0098981  0058287 41210945 61586057  93165466 98439328  42070016  99454938 61586214  41042165  93165335 98437153 41218108 41270112  41271761 504098506 99440309 41218109 41201085 42106463 42107725 5801677925

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