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Hot Selling many sizes turbo intercooler silicone hose

Short Description:

Silicone Hose features multi-ply reinforced high temperature material,for which meet or exceed SAEJ20 Standard .If you are looking for a product that can stand up to heat, cold, electricity, ozone, UV light, chemical corrosion, and much more, then our silicone hoses are for you. Their extreme durability is why they have been used across so many industries, including medical, agriculture, automotive, marine, and even aerospace.

These silicone hose, silicone reducer hose , hump hose , silicone elbow hose ,silicone heater hose are available in a wide range of size and colors. Custom products are available ! We can do customize according to samples, drawings, ect.

Product Detail

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Straight Meter silicone hose            6mm-152mm              0.25’’- 6’’

Straight reducer hose                  6.5mm-127mm             0.25’’-5’’

45 degree elbow silicone hose          6.5mm-152mm            0.25’’-6’’

45 degree reducer elbow silicone hose   6.5mm-152mm     0.25’’-6’’

67 degree elbow silicone hose          51mm-102mm            2’’-4’’

90 degree elbow silicone hose          6.5mm-152mm          0.25’’-6’’

90 degree reducer elbow silicone hose   6.5mm-152mm    0.25’’-6’’

135 degree elbow silicone hose         16mm-89mm        0.63’’-3.5’’

180 degree elbow silicone hose         16mm-89mm         0.63’’-3.5’’

T shape silicone hose                  38mm-76mm         1.5’’-3’’

Silicone heater hose                   8mm-32mm       5/16- 1 1/4”

Silicone vacuum hose                  3mm-12mm          1/8- 1/2”


High Temperature Ranges as follow :

>Polyester reinforced silicone hoses

working temperature -40 ℃ (-40 ℉ ) to 180 ℃ (356 ℉ )

>Aramid(nomex) reinforced silicone hoses

working temperature-50 ℃ (-65 ℉ ) to 260 ℃ (500 ℉ )

>Flurosilicone or Viton liner silicone hoses

oil and fuel resistant



Standard silicone hoses are suitable for water and air.

special fluorosilicone are for oil resistance.

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