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Good quality many size rubber hose

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The world of rubber hoses is a fascinating and impressive one. It’s remarkable not only because of the varieties of hoses — from extruded and formed hoses to homogeneous hoses and reinforced hoses — but because of the wide-ranging industries where rubber hoses end up:  in air brake systems for automotive applications, aerospace applications, motorcycles, and more.

Rubber hoses are designed for specific fluid, temperature, and pressure ranges and are provided in various specifications. Rubber hoses consist of a minimum of three layers: a seamless synthetic rubber tube; one or more reinforcing layers of braided or spiraled cotton, wire, or synthetic fiber; and an outer cover. The inner tube is designed to withstand the attack of the fluid that passes through it. The braided or spiraled layers determine the strength of the hose. The more layers there are, the greater the pressure rating is. Hoses are provided in three pressure ranges: low, medium, and high. The outer cover is designed to withstand external abuse and contains identification markings.

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Rubber hose is widely used in conveying systems for both pipeline and bends and in systems where a degree of natural flexibility is required. Its particular properties also make it ideal for use in systems where the material being conveyed may be friable, abrasive, or cohesive. Its natural flexibility makes it ideal for use in vacuum off-loading applications, mobile conveying systems, and for joining pipeline sections in situations where standard pipeline bends will not match the geometry required.

rubber hose are made of premium rubber with reinforcement of high tensile synthetic yarn , OEM and drawings are available to offer price.

We have many OEM rubber hose:81963010677, 20542199, 20968686, 20456429, 21288160, 1676378, 3154396, 8365091, 468706, 3979986, 9425011682, 9425010782, 1370488, 1778326, XC456W650 BA, 2R0145856 C and so on.


EPDM Rubber



Reinforced layers

1 ply

Working Temperature

- 30°C to +150°C


45/90/135/180 degree elbow hose

Straight hose

Reducer hose

As OE No. Hose shape and size

Any customized shape

Inner Diameter


as customer’s requirement


As required size

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