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flexible silicone hose with wire reinforcement

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Silicone hose is used for the high demands of the engine compartment of automobiles & large diesel trucks, as well as the rigorous requirements of the Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dairy Industries, and more…

From heating and cooling systems to CAC Charge-Air-Cooler (Hot & Cold side) Turbo Charger systems & Custom compressor, intercooler or intake & inlet piping for turbo/superchargers. Silicone heater and coolant hose meets or exceeds the operating requirements of SAE J20 R3 Class A -65°F (-54°C) to +350°F (+177°C) and from -65°F (-54°C) to +500°F (+260°C) for the CAC Charge-Air-Cooler (Hot & Cold side) connectors.

Silicone is resistant to hardening, cracking, ozone attack, sunlight, moisture, steam, dust, aging, various pressure ranges and to many chemicals too. Additional advantages of Silicone are it is easier to install and run than rigid pipe, is not subject to corrosion, stress or cracking and absorbs engine movement and vibration.

Flexible, bendable, wire-reinforced coolant hoses are designed to handle vacuum and connections that require bends and curves. Eliminates the need for multiple hoses connected to each other to make a run.

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Features and Benefits of Silicone Hose:

  • Resistant to a wide range of temperatures
  • Resistant to hardening, cracking, ozone attack, sunlight
  • Resistant to moisture, steam, dust, aging, various pressure ranges
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Retains flexibility in hostile engine environments
  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • Longer life than EPDM (Black Rubber)


  • Silicone hose with 2-Plies of Polyester Reinforcement with a Helical Wire.
  • ID Sizes: ½” (0.50″/13mm) thru 6″ (6.00″/152mm) in 36″ (3′Ft.) & 144″ (12′Ft.) lengths.


  • Temperature range is -65 F (-54 C) to + 350 F (+177 C).
  • Wall thickness at hose ends without the wire is 0130″/.180″.


  • For heavy duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments such as Buses, Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment, Generators, Automobiles to Large Diesel Trucks and more…
  • Resists hardening, cracking, cold leaks, aging and many chemicals.
  • For connections utilizing high vacuum and/or some forced curvature.
  • Ideal for extreme temperature and various pressure ratings where high performance levels are required.

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